From London to MK
Travel the world the Alpha way!

The new private members club in MK is setting a new standard for excellence in luxury travel.

Private members clubs are increasingly impressing their clientele with bespoke, luxury ‘money can’t buy’ travel experiences. The Alpha Club, who are soon to be launching their first venue outside London in the CBXII building in central MK this summer, recently whisked an elite group of their London club members away on an exclusive VIP safari, taking in Botswana, South Africa and Zambia on what was a truly bespoke trip.

One Alpha Club member suitably impressed was Travel de Courcey business owner Adrian de Courcey. The demands of running a £16million business mean there’s often little time left to think about planning the finer things in life. For Adrian and his wife, guests on the recent safari trip, this is where membership of a club like Alpha has proved a sound choice.

Adrian describes the uncompromising attention to detail of every aspect of the trip as being what set the Alpha Club holiday apart from other luxury travel he has experienced before. “For me, it was genuinely the trip of a lifetime,” he said. He added, “The food was out of this world. The whole thing really was incredibly well done”.

This commitment to excellence is what the Alpha Club aim to bring to every part of their offering. As well as the incredible travel opportunities – the next trip planned is to Vegas, for those drawn to the bright lights – the club are fast building a reputation for their incredible gourmet food and ‘money can’t buy’ experiences here in the UK, as well as abroad.

For the ambitious professionals the new club hopes to attract, membership will provide stellar opportunities not just for networking with other like-minded people, but also a first class venue for both business and leisure.

For those like Adrian de Courcey, the Alpha Club has already proved first-hand how valuable the opportunity is to be part of a group so committed to truly luxury concierge services outside of London for the first time. Of the recent safari trip, he notes, “For my wife and I, it wasn’t just that the big things were taken care of, but even the small things! Every tiny thing was thought about, and taken care of for you”.

While many people dream of taking a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip, the reality of planning every last detail is so often out of reach for today’s busy professionals. With the stated ambition of transforming the way business is done in MK, it’s no surprise that the Alpha Club approach is to go out of their way to provide truly bespoke experiences for members, with personal touches throughout.

With Michelin starred executive chef Adam Simmonds at the helm of the new MK venue, the first class food Adrian experienced on the luxury trip also promises to be central to the club itself. Fine food, luxury travel, exquisite events – the Alpha Club sound like they have it all covered. Definitely one to watch.

To find out more about the benefits of Alpha Club membership, call 01908 354690 or visit